Lower Indicators keep combining themselves into other panels!

I have 3 lower indicators. The RSI, CCI and MACD. However, they keep combining themselves, such as the MACD will combine with the CCI. It's as if SmartTrader only wants 2 lower indicators. I've tried different lower indicators for different strategies, and they all do the same thing. So it's not the particular indicator. It's whichever is the lowest indicator on my chart, it combines itself with the 2nd lower indicator. If I only have 2, it doesn't do this. I have multiple charts on my workspaces, and multiple workspaces. I have to go the settings on every chart on every workspace and move it to an additional panel. I save it. It looks good. But when I go back to it later, it's combined AGAIN. It's been doing this forever. I'm so Sick of having to keep pulling seperating them so I can see what I want. It shouldn't do this. I have 3-4 different lower indicators on my TradingView charts. I always saves them exactly as I leave it. SmartTrader won't even save them at the height level I save them at. It will scrunch them down as well. The save settings on these charts are terrible. They need some serious attention so that they save correctly.