Major issue with Chart and Market Widget not showing actual price

There seems to be a major issue with SmartTrader not updating the current price in: 1: The actual chart (1min seems stuck) 2: In the Market Watch widget - none of the currency pairs update their prices. 3: There is a difference in price in the trading widget to the actual price in the chart. I know it shows the SELL price but its off by a few pips consistently. The charts stay frozen and you have to look at the price in the trading panel to actually try and understand where you are in order to trade. My charts have now frozen 3 times in the space of a week and the only fix that seems to work is to delete the session which is what support (Briana) did when I was on a call with her the other day. As you know this deletes EVERYTHING and having to re-configure SmartTrader (Chart analaysis, alerts, templates etc) over and over again is extremely frustrating. I don't know what the issue is but can you please take a good look at whats happening as its extremely hard to trade when the chart is not showing you accurate price. Many thanks Oliver