Smart Trader lags on Forex too

I'm doing the Prop Trader program, and I've noticed that what the charts show me for price point can differ by 10 to 50 pips from what I'm getting from the broker. In the attached screenshots, it's between 10 and 20 pips off of the broker. Compare the price point shown in the screenshots with where the broker says my trade is. The discrepancy isn't even consistent among the screen shots. A couple weeks ago, I had an instance of 50 pips discrepancy, but wasn't able to get a screenshot at that time. My friend, who I referred to MTI, is also having the same problems, and is almost on the verge of quitting as an MTI student just because of the lousy performance of this software. To make matters worse, all the new courses with automation advertise the automation with Smart Scripts on Smart Trader. But with this kind of lagging on the charts, all that script is going to do is burn up an account. Considering what people have to pay for this subscription, this problem should have been fixed ages ago. I've seen bug reports on this issue since June of last year, and yet this hasn't been fixed. This is absolutely unacceptable. If you need a competent programmer, contact me, and I'll connect you with my brother. He's expensive, but worth every penny. He would have had this problem fixed ages ago.