Lot Size Protector

Hi, please add an option on GLOBAL SETTINGS to save a Lot Size that we cant exceed. For example, sometimes we can miss click the lot size and put 1 mini lot instead of microlot (0.1 /0.01), or even worst we can put a lot size (1.0) this could trigger in a big loss. But, if we can set a parameter we can save the losses by that kind of mistake. For example, i set Lot size protector in 0.01, so when i put a lot size bigger than 0.01 (for example 0.1) on a individual position, smarttrader refuse the action and save me for that unnecesary risk. That Lot size protector i could change many time i want in Global Settings, and i could choose anyone i want, but once i set, ill be save for mistakes. I know there is a POP UP that advise the lot size you aresetting, but when you trade 1000 a year, that pop up is unvisible. On the contrary, with the lot size protector, you just have to choose one time, and then you will be protect for ever. Sorry if my english is poor, if you want i can write in spanish in order to uderstand better my point. One time, 2 years ago, i lost to much money because i put 038 but smarttrader understand i want to put 38. i incurred i a 100% more risk just for an error. all my money could be save with a protector lot size. Thank you