Smart Fib Level Presets & Colors / Smart Analytics Presets / Smart Patterns Presets

1. Please add some extra spaces for fib levels - particularly for people who like to trade fundamental announcements but also use more "traditional" fib levels. Having the 200% fib level autogenerated without sacrificing one of the other levels would be great. 2. I would highly suggest making the 0.236 retracement level a non-red color (Sometimes it comes up as a med. green-blue for me, which is my preference - it is a helpful visual reminder what happens if there is no 0.382 retracement. I noticed that on SmartAnalytics it is Red, even if I manually set it to a different color 3. Please have a way to save Fib preferences that works better & carries over to Smart Analytics 4. EITHER change the colors for the Fib Zones or Smart Patterns so you are not using the same shading. It is especially bad for Yellow shapes - but with so many colors to choose from perhaps allowing a secondary color scheme for Smart Patterns & the Smart Patterns via Smart Analytics would be VERY helpful. (Especially for people who are visually challenged.) Being able to save these color preferences would be a bonus