New Feedback Portal Launched

# We heard your feedback, and we're taking action. Here's what we heard. >we don't respond fast enough >the feedback portal is hard to use >i can't find feedback posts > I can't upload images to the feedback portal. # So what did we do about it? Today we launched a new feedback portal at **[](** . The new feedback portal will allow you to search any post, drag and drop images, and reply from your email. It will allow our team to make sure we address every feedback or response faster and make it easier to manage. In addition, we added new team members to the Feedback team to deliver responses quicker. # Now, we want to hear your voice even louder. ## We added a new section called **[Your Vote Counts](** Higher votes tells us that's what we need to focus on first. So please take a minute to look over the feedback that's already listed and vote for what you really want to see or [make a new feature request](